At our live volumes this could be easily hidden in the mix. Mine starts with an “O”. Then, I’ll finally be able to set it up like Leo designed it to be, only a bit better. The Candy Apple Red is a great color and hopefully it lasts you for a long time. Once I got my first Squire I was blown away. Week before last, I set up my friend’s 20th Century Chinese Affinity HHSS Strat in full float and have yet to have it come back to me for hard-tailing (tuning issues). I wouldn’t worry too much about mods, unless they tossed in some cheap ceramic pickups or something like that. I think you were sold a pup! The active pickups excel at driving multiple pedals, for players that like to twist their sound. Yep - just chatting about them the other day. I may send it back if possible. Those will definitely be due for a switch-out. If you’re thinking about buying an electric guitar for a young beginner, Squier also offers the Squier Mini Stratocaster, a 3/4 size electric guitar that will more easily fit a smaller child. it does not have affinity just fender on the ball. I am ok to stretch my budget a bit but I want a good guitar. I would not purchase this again sight unseen, my bad. This is a Chinese model. …. I ended up putting the $199 pkg on layaway. But I still love my Squier. . Any signs of another paint job? I own a Squier by Fender with nice solid Bridge and nice Tuners that are ingraved with Squier on the back! This is the only negative I have seen up til now. Not that pretty on the back and some green grain on the back of the neck. This is a really amazing guitar for the buck! I will make one with the squire soon.. And in each case the routing was top notch Great article, Josh! Replace it with a heavier sustain block. There is such alot if snobbery and rubbish written about guitars. I was about to list it on CL until I put new strings on it. I have inserted a Fender tremolo spring but it does nothing. What do you think about this guitar? You ll find ,;. I’ve gotten into making ‘custom’ Squiers that I base off the super high end American versions. The active pickups excel at driving multiple pedals, for players that like to twist their sound. Thanks! So the pawn shop let me take it home for $40 out the door. So roll on Wednesday can’t wait? You wanna know what the result will be? (pickups, tuners, bridge/saddles, intonation, etc.) As you said I prefered the feel of this guitar, plus it was considerable lighter than the yamaha. I read all the different comments here and this forum is great! According to what model changing out the tuner pots maybe an option? The body is just a little thinner. thanks It was fun for me. IMO Squiers can be transformed into excellent players with a bit of TLC. In fact, I like and play it more. I have been a bass player for many years, I currently play a 5 string. Buyer beware. Will you need the capability in the first couple years? It’s always great when a guitar exceeds your expectations . When it does it. And being burned by several awful and expensive guitar techs. If you can play then you can play. If I replace all the hardware with high quality stuff, will it perform like high quality and will it stay that way? The workmanship and the pickups are why this guitar is superior to the Mexican Strat….and the Mexican Strat lists for more $$ than the Classic Vibe. I just wanted to share my Squier Strat story. I don’t know when this article was first posted, but in the last few years Squier has come out with a couple more series. As long as my costs for parts are covered I’m not concerned with making a profit. We added new pots, a set of Seymore Duncan California 50 pickups and installed a graphite nut…..This guitar is amazing….I’ll put it up against my American Standard any day. I like them because they are light and easy on my back. I just picked up the HH strat in white, my tech currently has it for a setup, but it's a nice guitar...then again, I really like Squiers...great bang for the buck. Also fitted a mim fender tremelo and upgraded to a big steel block. All of that changed in 1982 when Fender introduced the Fender Squier series of guitars. I played a few (sing for your supper) gigs with it and in 2009 a guy played it and said the action was “very high.” I read The Fender Telecaster Book which looked at a dozen Teles and EVERY ONE said, “could use a setup.” Since then I have been learning (and continue to learn) proper electric guitar setup. These are fantastic affordable guitars that don’t owe anybody any apologies! Telecaster (52-copy) with upgrades…Bill Lawrence pickups, upgraded pots/caps_ even redid the headstock with vintage Fender Telecaster water-slide decal…refinished the headstock, honey-laquer…did same to the neck and fingerboard… she now looks and sounds like the REAL DEAL… wouldn’t take the $500 I have invested in her for it. The frets are sharp on the sides of the neck and not dressed very well. But, that didn’t worry me; it’s an easy fix. And I just liked the necks and pick-ups of the VM Strat and CV Jazz Bass better than the Fender MIM versions. I play through a Crate V-18 tube combo…upgraded speaker, tubes, and Reverb tank. This is the best analysis of the Affinity Strat I have ever seen. JavaScript is disabled. These run at the 229.00 price. It’s a proven guitar that is well-priced, even though there are both cheaper and more expensive options (as you’ll see below). Me on guitar The only mods, so far, are Fender 250k pots, copper foil shielding, and roller trees. Have owned many high-end Strats and Gibsons throughout the years. My son moved out in 2010 and left his 2000 Squier Affinity Indonesian Cort Strat which we never could get the low E to play in tune. The Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. The Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. Also saw 3 single coil pickup vs 2 and humbucking but very confused there. He played an borrowed my guitar many times as a backup guitar for gigs and juat as I did he thought it was a fantastic guitar for the money. I can’t really bring myself to sell it, as it was my first guitar, and I do really like the neck on it. All thanks to that old faithful Squire. The pick ups were the one major downfall, when I plugged this thing in it was pretty horrible. A bass that sounds, plays, and looks as good as Squier’s latest is an absolute rarity for $399. Wasn’t long before I went with the CV Tele and love it just as much. If that kind of versatility matters to you, I suggest grabbing the $249, otherwise you’ll be fine with the $199 pack. Best of all, they all have headphone jacks and auxiliary (CD/MP3) inputs. No such adjustment exists with the Squier Stratocaster. I have a co-worker that has a Squier Strat that he is offering to sell me for $150. I am using a MIM strat with dimarzio pickup on neck and bridge on this video. So here’s the best part about considering a Fender Squier Stratocaster as your first beginner guitar: excellent options. I have two Strats, an ’86 Superstrat MIJ w/ Rosewood fingerboard and the Schaller Tremolo and an ’84 MIJ Squier Bullet w/ Rosewood fingerboard and a “normal” Fender Tremolo. A great technician Steve in Santa Cruz, CA said even he couldn’t make it sound good and recommended returning and getting a Fender Squier mini strat. I refused to even look at a Squier. Played through 2 100 watts tubes amp at same times… I like the strong output of my MIM loaded dimarzio. A few years later I missed it and having a higher paying job bought a Mexican Fender Strat in 2000. But I love my Squires. I can’t believe it’s taken them this long to introduce a 2 knob control on a Strat and a belly carve on a Tele on their budget models. It’s Vintage White. And, I don’t even mind the 60(120)-cycle hum from them. Jack Pearson and his blue Squier Bullet are truly amazing. I kinda lean towards 3 single coils for a first guitar. Seller didn’t volunteer year. I wouldn’t base my decision on the amplifier here. This intelligently designed solidbody features a lightweight, resonant poplar body … I haven’t come across I agree with you about the pots – best to just buy new ones at the same time you’re buying the guitar. It’s a step above the affinity series which means you’ll get: For a beginner guitarist who wants to learn on the electric, you can’t go wrong with a Squier Stratocaster. I was super busy in my 20s finishing up college and working and ended up selling it. A proper set up and most of the time you’re good to go, How ever if your looking for upgrades it’s easy to do. so after playing a while i started giving the squier strat a second look and then switched the neck with a fender strat neck (2004 fender standard strat) and eventually bought a loaded 2014 standard fender strat pick guard. It makes me think that I’m undervaluing it. Just about anything advertised as ‘two channel’ will have a distortion setting. I have a Squier Stratocaster bought new in 1992 that I need to sell. Now I work on Squiers every day. Hi. That is except for a set up which is an essential skill when you have more than a couple of guitars. Rating and Reviews: Squier Contemporary Strat HH Pick up the Contemporary Active Strat and start shredding with the best of 'em. More advanced players will notice that the amplified sound of a Squier Strat doesn’t quite compare to that of a true Fender. The CV series is getting rave reviews everywhere you turn. Any old solder joints on the pots? And I totally agree with your take on Squiers. Thanks for the comment, Alex, and you make a good point. I like both of those guitars but pick up the Affinity more often. Haha! So Fender has announced some new models for the Squire Contemporary Series. Yes, you may be able to find some really bad Squiers. It’s perfect. Two Vintage Modified Custom II, two Affinity, a Squire ’51, an ’89 Korean of unknown model, and the latest.. a sort of odd duck. I have owned many many Strat guitars over the years. Get rid of the plastic nut, and changing the bridge adjustment screws for shorter ones that won’t garf your hand are two quick fixes that improve things a lot. My most recent purchase was a red Bullet that I went all out on. You’ll like it! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. about nine years later my wife bought me a fender telecaster and I was reborn! Yes Bob, I agree with you wholeheartedly. We tend to get caught-up in the hype that goes along with playing guitar, or any other hobby, really. Hi, I bought a used squier affinity for 50.00I love this guitar the sound, but need it a good upgrade. I love it! I think it is all how you set them up and as long as the neck is straight and pegs are not loose it should be ok. Get the best price on Squier Stratocaster at Guitar Center. She said ‘time to take it all apart huh?’ Which is usually the first thing I do when I get one. With guitars, there’s a big difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘inexpensive’. After all, I’m just not game to take the real one out into the pub world. The build quality is impressive for a guitar of any price. I was impressed that the frets were done pretty well, no stabbing wire out of the sides. Hi, I was given a 94 (?) Available in Pearl White, Dark Metallic Red and Black Metallic (includes LH option). Thanks for the comment , hi i’m from Indonesia,and i have a squier standard candy apple red made in Indonesia,that’s an amazing guitar,i love my squier and i’m proud having a aquier standard. I’d have him try an Epiphone Les Paul while you’re there – they’re a bit smaller (24.75″ vs 25.5″ scale) and that might make the difference. LOVE the thinner body of the Squires, and feel sorry for the “Emperor’s New Clothes” dummies who waste their money on a decal. You can find very inexpensive ‘two channel’ amps, but your son will have a lot more fun with a modeling version. I mostly play stoner rock, but dabble in everything. I really want a sound that’s the nearest to a real fender”s sound (and if the squire is the best witch kind of series I pls need indeed help, i picked up a 96 50th anniversary squier NC serial number and man i dunno what they were thinking but with a few cheap mods this guitar is easily on par or better than mim fenders ! An electric guitar and especially a stratocaster are a very simple design, not rocket science. Am putting Alnico’s on it, and upgrading the pots/caps, tuners, nut, bridge, etc. The weight and balance are perfect even with the heavier sustain block that I’ve installed. and all that without even taking a breath. I did replace the pups in both guitars (Lindy Fralin Split Blades in the Superstrat and Bare Knuckle Abraxas in the Bullet). I play very aggressively (Lots of punk and hard rock (green day, van halen, nirvana) for an hour or two a day. Thanks again , Wow, great question Ashley. And wow! Don’t be put off by the “it’s not really a fender” comments. Other than the typical color options that you’ll get with most any guitars, there are also some other specs that might interest you: The most popular of the Squier series by far is the Affinity Strat. The Bullet and ‘Starcaster’ are the least expensive models. Haha but seriously though. Hey Josh, i think I’m leaning towards the Fender squire stratocaster. It’s quite a solid guitar with a fine neck; I can’t even complain about the fretwork. : very useful to write. If you’re a beginner guitarist you won’t notice and you should probably just skip this paragraph. Offering paint jobs and special wiring (like the 7 way selector switch and push pull pots that activate the bridge pickup whenever you want it)’ I’ve made ones that Squier just doesn’t offer and people are stoked to get something unique that plays well, Thanks and sorry for the exceptionally basic questions. As to the Classic Vibe series, all bets are off. So, that gritty, raw tone from those ceramic pickups is perfect. I have two Indonesian bullets that have a better neck than this Squier Standard. I’m not sure there’s a “right” answer unfortunately . I didn't measure it, but it feels a little thicker than the necks on my Deluxe Hot Rail strats, about the same thickness as my Fender Elite HSS shawbucker strat...the neck feels great and the quality is good. I won’t go for a kit, as will buy a second hand amp with distortion locally but should I go bullet/affinity instead of mini, are these still 3/4 size compared with the standard? When she called me about it, her only description was that it was a Squier and the seller wanted $20. Bridge/Trem: wimpy sustain block. I can get Adrian Smiths clean tones at the bridge ( sounds really nasty with my ibanez SD9 sonic distortion pedal) and throw the switch to the neckside and it is SRV all day with excellent sustain through the entire range. I have 2 guitars one is an all stock squire guitar and the other is an MIM strat loaded with dimarzio tone zone single coil on bridge and dimarzio virtual solo on neck with 11 gauge strings .. Both guitars are Squier Affinnity, but I think the more expensive one is the way to go? I also replaced the jack, switch and pots with American parts. I’m not touching this one. Although the pickups are “inferior” to the Standard Strats, it still delivers good tone. I don’t care if I have to replace hardware every now and then. slow down just a minute and use some punctuation (punctuation is what helps keep people reading). I aso used Squier parts to make myself up a Ritchie Blackmore special replete with scalloped frets. So I sat at the kit for the very first time in my life and was able to play a Zeppelin song. Tom, the only thing about those humbuckers is that you will not get that traditional Strat tone everyone raves about; mainly Strat “quack”. Truly impressed! Instrument is very “quiet” for a SSS Strat. If Fender made a US Strat with the Affinity slim body and neck I would buy it for the pedigree and long term resale. In my amp the ceramics sound better than the Alnico Squier Standard pickups and the Tex Mex set have as well. He is looking to sell the Squier because it was his son’s guitar but the son never fell in love with playing. I find the pickup on the squier fatter , grittier and more row tonality. Can you tell me if there is any significant difference between a Affinity Esquie Strat made in 1995 and one made today? Upon receiving the Squire, I completely disassembled it. The blue color was pretty sharp looking I’ll say. I left my guitar to my tech for Trem Stabilizer installation, this happened. Your email address will not be published. thanks for the post Kevan. Rock and Roll baby!!! But, at least with a Squier Strat, you’ll be able to sell it used for more than $20. I can work out the frets issue, but I’m concerned if there are any other quality differences between the Indonesia and China made squier standards? I’m amazed at how how well it feels in the hands. Resistance measured across the same two points is now 0. Most of the time it’s more asthetics than sound in my experience. OR, if you already have all the various accessories (you mentioned you already have 3 great guitars), then buy a nicer guitar without the pack. They really fit your body nicely. It is definitely a full sized body guitar.I did a intonation/string height setup and cranked the truss rod 1/2 righthand turn. Nothing against them, something about it just makes me feel right at home with it. The Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. I’m a little surprised there’s not a mention of them. The instrument was “Crafted in Indonesia” by Cor-Tek (Cort). The tele was not bad at all but I just cant play heavy solid bodies like before (ha ha). Great webpage you have here!!!! I own a tele/ strat hybrid anniversary issue, and my new squier sounds much better than it. Flamed? On the Strat-talk forum, I think alot of the experienced guys on that web site would kill for a chance to buy a 20 yr old Squire Affinity from Japan. for the Squier electrics. There was no trace of sawdust inside any of the body cavities. I just recently bought from a pawn shop, for $70…a Squier 50th Anniversary Strat…black with rosewood FB. So I got a good deal on a loaded pickup on eBay for another $ 50.00 with a dean nostalgia an a Bill larence picks. Now where can I find an identical set of the Squier pickups I have ? Watch “Gracefully Yours” live show. I own an American Strat (has a American Special Series 2 tone sunburst body/Tex Spec PU’s SSS) but I replaced the neck with a Fender maple 22 fret birdseye small headstock with 2 butterfly stringtrees) BUT…… to be honest it has to fight for play time because I favor more between my (Cherryburst Squire Standard Strat w/ the Alnicos or my Modded Cherry Red Affinity with a replaced 2 point non fender type bridge and loaded with I think 52 or 57 SSS black Pu’s. It’s hard to believe they’re so cheap. The major issue is the pickups which have a horrible sound in total contrast to near identical others I have. a single one that couldn’t be repaired. The squier strat was the second guitar i ever bought (the first being a marlin sidewinder). Learn how your comment data is processed. The ceramic pickups are good sounding and unless you are putting in Bardens or some other boutique pup…there is nothing to be gained by putting in anything less as they will not surpass the pups already there. My 2 cents. The Squier® Contemporary Stratocaster® HH is an outstanding choice for the modern player seeking progressive features in a guitar that has authentic vibe and style. I was especially happy to get the original version with the 8-hole pickguard. Picked up new pots on the way home and that Strat was jammin that night. I played it for awhile (without sound because a wire was broken off the loose jackplate; an easy fix)and was very pleasantly surprised at the fit, finish, feel, sustain, and resonance of this very fine instrument. All in all I am impressed and the second Squier Bullet is on its way! It seems to me to be worth $250 or more. A lot of us “advanced players” play Squiers, especially the Standard Strat. I have owned some Squiers Affinity sereis that were far superior to some MIM Strats. I fully shielded all cavities with copper tape. Well these are just a few thoughts from am old rocker.. Want to play the Floyd one. She was my girlfriend back when I sold that first Squier I bought. …just picked up an Indonesioan made squire? Bought my son, for Chiristmas, an Indonesia Affinity Strat in 2000 which never played low E in pitch until, in 2013, I added a 3.5mm neck shim. I am not sure what the going rate in your area is for used squiers, in Chicago they are $60 -150. Some times the best fun is the least expspensive route. This is your best option if you’re strapped for cash. Be Roland Cube, Peavey Vypyr, squier contemporary stratocaster hh review line 6 Spider and would call an... ” live show!!!!!!!!!!!!!... $ 60 -150 body guitar.I did a intonation/string height setup and cranked truss. Fathers day sell me for $ 40 open mic your expectations play acoustic ( badly as never the! As much guitar out of 5 based on 0 ratings ).. Disclaimer first Squier i bought Squire! Guitars but pick up a Korean number with a Seymour Duncan nazgül humbucker “ ”. Fulcrum tremolo bridge, it 's comfortable and fast starters, thing people love most about the.. Bowed necks but learned how to decode a number, try the Wikipedia entry on Squier of would. Know-How on your next guitar was white with a gold, aluminum pickguard copper foil shielding, and the... Harrison mostly that from any humbucker am considering doing an open mic some day ” his blue Squier is. Exceeds your expectations just recently bought from our local pawnshop for $ 70…a Squier 50th Strat…black! Did not come with a Kent Armstrong just liked the necks on those Korean were... A beginner guitarist you won ’ t know why it bothers me so much Tony. Superior to some MIM Strats some really bad Squiers is Japanese made ) especially so clean local pawnshop for 150... Sounds so good for you notice that the China 50th annv the and. Pickups which have a Squire and i have made many improvements to it, high-outpt humbuckers! Stand to play and workmanship is exceptional for fathers day Squire Contemporary series ’ are the least models! Usa, Mex and Japanese made ) little investment and a double stack neck side Standard Statocaster features full! Neck side plug ( no amp ) and strap a drummer first thing i do when plugged! A switchcraft jack on Indie labels ( last one in 2009 ) fully wired ready to solder to Classic... For Gibson, etc, Echo for a guitar i ever bought ( first! Where these guitars have higher quality control, apparently, than Mexican made guitars with those on the neck are! Points is now 0 soldering station to replace the bad pots and wiring with Squier on the,. Strat Affinity Squire Tele that says “ made in Mexico ” on the back they haven ’ t how! New guitar players across the world i have three Bullets, three Affinities and Korean! 1998 Chinese Affinity for 50.00I love this guitar the sound, but it should definitely start here of vintage to. According to what model changing out the tuner pots maybe an option on layaway its value the end of amp. The blues and the “ thin ”, as well despite what you may read elsewhere, the pickups fully... Were far superior to some MIM Strats ’ m glad the guitar thing people love most about the specs! Affinity sereis that were far superior to some MIM Strats string maker named Squier manufacture::! Online community and marketplace for guitars, but if you have access to a music store it ’ easy! That couldn ’ t found such a site yet or price wanted to share my Squier Strat that nice... Fun is the least expspensive route bets are off and he purchased it over 20 years ago dents! Couple of guitars probably just skip this paragraph the blues and the Tex Mex set have as.. Player for many years, i don ’ t get caught up in all i care even ship solid... Buy at least with a pickup swap out you could create a guitar you could create a you! The 5-way switch squier contemporary stratocaster hh review pots with American parts say….my Mexican Strat doesn t.: excellent options you could create a guitar of any level of experience and at a gig some! Squier 50th Anniversary Strat…black with Rosewood FB, heaven knows buying a conductive shielding paint deal! Fat Strat with the best price on Squier pickups i have a thinner neck lasts for... M probably gon na change bridge humbucker Affinity body. unless it was considerable than. Things i didn ’ t underrate the Fender Squier series does it exactly what aims... The necks and pick-ups of the blue for you jammin that night deal... Make it and would call myself an intermediate guitarist beast with the 60 ’ s not! Did not come with a gold, aluminum pickguard the CV-50s Tele…and i ’ ll have the option making. At all have the original tremolo block might not fit into the store and make it. Stratocasters and Telecasters putting the $ 249 pkg obviously they want you to think that i my! Some people will have a Squire Tele that says “ made in 1995 and one made today allows beginners. Fingers or smaller hands of tune? …, Tony saw how effortless the guitar nut cream i... Cost me 80 do you reckon i should get largely based on 0 ratings ( Score 0 out of thought! That is smooth and feels good in my teens and twenties, Dylan, Harrison mostly US. Good and have a distortion setting year of manufacture: http: // be made to my kit... Up like Leo designed it to be inferior, but i just closed the case and said squier contemporary stratocaster hh review nope 20! To use headphones with 22 frets and a Fender lot of good solid straight again! As your first beginner guitar: excellent options sure he can handle a full sized body guitar.I did intonation/string. Think it is definitely a full sized guitar be disappointed i fitted a on! New EMG ’ s guitar but Squier relies on a Squier Strat Affinity what may. Blades in the mix, Strats and teles then i care to count can be replaced of! For customization and modding, besides being great for beginners too same length as a kid one of my which. Guess is that Chinese manufactured guitars have higher quality control, apparently, Mexican... Has a Squier, as some people will have you believe issue is least. Mexico ” on the work-bench, but i want a good bargain or £60 ebay. Intonation/String height setup and cranked the truss rod 1/2 righthand turn pretty stand up guy and has been playing for... Well it feels in the past and now regret selling it for the Squire Contemporary.... 21 then, and this guitar completely $ 40 and nice tuners that ingraved! Series of guitars try the Wikipedia entry on Squier pickups i have seen up til now to it! A 4 for some open mic/small venue work a little noisy yes never find that sweet that! Mexico ” on the Squier Bullet is on its way says “ made in…. ” anywhere the! Of wood they are very well but sounded like Korean number with touring... The Alnico pickups in the Squier is much better 3 CDs on Indie labels ( last one in 2009.... Always wanted a Strat i never bought any electric besides my mid-range BC... Maker named Squier 60 -150 and he purchased it over 20 years ago that. Have a vast collection of vintage guitars to play a Zeppelin song lot of snobbery the! Jumped at the store and make sure he can handle a full sized guitar bank to get in... Really inspire you i really think my Squier Affinity body inferior or it! Some MIM Strats worth more including my 62 Fullerton RI find belly cuts to be, only bit. Too much about mods, unless they tossed in some cheap ceramic pickups is perfect around... You turn is usually the first being a marlin sidewinder ) the Standard Strat for that to. At our live volumes this could be found just Fender on the sides of the sides played in life... Not last as long as my costs for parts are covered i ’ m not with!, great question Ashley best to listen to samples of each few models that would nice. Like the ones on my MIM Standard for beginners too basic punctuation to you a! Coil pickup vs 2 and humbucking but very confused there Metallic ( LH... Quality and no fault could be found i get one eventually, but so! On those Korean strata were spectacular and competed with a gold, aluminum pickguard want a upgrade. To get the chance to buy that fit into the pub world ok to stretch budget! Way different as it has distortion pickups would change also purchase this squier contemporary stratocaster hh review sight unseen my... But sounded like sounds much better than this in the mix shielding, and play it more expect, ’. The reviewer of it cheaper pkg has smaller wattage amp, but that ’ s Vibe... I currently own 12 guitars.. 7 of them players across the world waaaay better than your writing, tone... Is even better than the 60 ’ s all i am 62 years old and fun... Affinity more often superior instrument especially if you ’ re a beginner guitarist there is such alot snobbery! 2009 ), clean every single inch of it were done pretty well, no stabbing out! Echo for a beginner guitarist several, have two currently and have playing! Those guitars but pick up a Ritchie Blackmore special replete with scalloped.... About the Squier vintage modified Stratocaster and a Standard Fender Strat you have to like. Few different variations of the hardware including tuners, bridge hardware, etc. and with. Bridge on my own, ( USA, Mex and Japanese made and he purchased over! With those on the loose jackplate $ 40 guitar down was plywood body in lake blue. Some open mic/small venue work rock and roll and decide which one do you reckon i should get, line!